Harvest of Deed

A new day dawns

Defeat of Strahd leads to a new discovery

Written by Sasaki (needs link)

After defeating Strahd (needs link) the dimensional adjunct which had combined the city of Kingsfall (needs link) and the realm of Ravenloft together separated, allowing us to take stock of the damage that has been caused by Jacob (needs link).

As saviours of the city we were given the run of the castle and since Molfred (needs link) and his two remaining sons could not be found we took it upon ourselves to organise matters.

Yallana (sp needs link) used many rituals to send messages to the Guilds (needs link) to understand how they were faring. I sent scouts out to the border of Arden (needs link) to check that the Drow had not taken advantage of the recent problems to start something.

After a days communication with the guilds and the border towns the situation was as follows:

Primal Guild

Having been denied aid by the King as the creatures of the Savage Lands (needs link) were attacking from the South they were in trouble. In addition to fighting fierce battles to the South a number of their Soothsayers had fallen into madness, uttering the same phrase over and over again. Astralsalia (sp needs link) had appeared suddenly out of season and destroyed part of the forest as it erupted through the ground.

Guild of War

After their main base of operations Fortress (needs link) had fallen to the constructs of Hecaton (sp needs link) most of the able fighters had been killed. The fortress itself needed heavy repairs and the second in command ???? (needs link) had assumed control for the time being. Although no-one trusts him.

Divine Guild

During the war with the Durnsteppe (needs link) Dwarves the Divine guild had been kept bust with healing and fighting their resources were depleted but most of their guild members were alive.

Guild of Art h6.

They were busy with their own war with the denziens of the Far Realm which had been finding increased methods to enter our realm. Again they had depleted their resources but at least are functioning.

Border Towns

World from the border towns indicates that there is no build of of troops from Arden and that most of the Drow were concentrated around the Gloomweb (needs link).

Late in the day we were interrupted by a page who had news of the location of the King. A servant had seen him entering a secret room lower down in the castle. The room was familiar to us as the teleportation room we had used before.

When we arrived at the room the walls and ceiling had collapsed and there were burn marks on the stones. It looked like the ritual had gone badly wrong and arcane energies had caused an explosion. Although we found no blood at the scene so we can only assume that the King had gone somewhere and the ritual had exploded after.

Yallana used a ritual to sense images of the last people to use the room and we found out that King Molfed and Sebastian (need links) had used the portal room to travel to the Demonweb Pits. Why they would do such a thing was a mystery.

After talking with ? (needs name and link) the highest ranking officer left alive in the castle it was decided that he would caretake the kingdom until the King returned. We gave him a sending stone so he could contact us if he needed our help and details of the Guilds (needs link) should he need to use them.

We agreed that our best course of action would be to travel to Sigil to find out our link with the Lady of Pain and catchup with our work on gathering the last of the primordial essences we needed to active the Gate. With the Gate completed we could travel easier and help those in need quicker.

Our port key to Sigil worked on a old tavern door in the centre of Kingsfall (needs link) but when Yallana came to use it she noticed that the energies were not right and using the key might cause harm to her and those nearby. In a feat of arcane control she diverted the excess energy and avoided a large explosion. After some further research we established that a being with great power had locked this material plane and no-one could planeshift, teleport, port key or otherwise to Sigil or any other realm. Even I could not Fey Step…

This discovery had us all wondering who would do such a thing and where we could go to find out further information. Upon further investigation by Yalaana (needs link) she foudn that with much effort she could open a stable portal on this plane, which meant we could portal to Fortress to check on the Guild of War (needs link). After heading to Fortress (needs link) we could travel by sea to Scarport (needs link) where an old Harbourmaster who had been adventuring with Molfred (needs link) before might be able to tell us why he would travel to the Demonweb Pits. Following that we could head East to the Great Tree (needs link) and check on the Guild of Life (needs link).

After porting to Fortress (needs link) we took stock of the situation which although not great the remaining members of the guild were gathering their forces and trying to get back to strength.

We decided to use a ritual to travel by flight to Scarport as it is faster and time seemed important. Yalaana (needs link) provided the ritual and before long we were flying towards our destination.

Upon arrival at the port we were greeted by some Goblins who invited us to their opera house that night. We wasted no time in heading to the harbourmaster’s building whi might have some answers for us.

We talked with ? (needs link) who seemed in good spirits and in a relationship with Mayoress ?? which Yalaana (needs link) said he was courting last time she was here. After asking about Molfred (needs link) we found out that a long time ago the king was sure that his lost love ? (needs link) was trapped in the Demonweb Pits and he had tried to go there before. Certainly an interesting turn of events.

???? said that the city also had another problem we might be able to help with. Certain fortune tellers and other mystics had been losing their minds repeating the phrase “The gates are closed” over and over again. Peiter (needs link) used his extensive medical skills to assist at the city infirmary but most of patients were beyond his help.

Whilst we were looking around the infirmary we heard a scream from outside. In a nearby alleyway an Eladrin woman had eviscerated herself using a kitchen knife and used her own blood to write (in Elven) on the wall next to her:

Put poem in here

After reading the words what was left of my heart felt numb. I had never told the others about my past, I didn’t feel it was any of their business and it happened long before they were born. After our last few fights I had removed my headband my remaining symbol of the Winter Court and was ready to push on towards what remained of my fate. This woman had changed all of that.

At first I said nothing about the poem and kept quiet whilst the others tried to figure out its meaning. Then Pieter and Yalanna both picked up that I was uncomfortable and we left for the Great Tree after thanking the harbour master for his help.

We stopped en route to the Guild of Life (needs link) to talk about the poem and its meaning on some rocks at sunset. I explained my past transgressions and we all agreed the message was about me. After some food we headed on to the Great Tree (needs link).

What greeted us at the tree was a scene of chaos. The injured were strewn everywhere, lying in corridors and on any free piece of space available, guild members patrolled the passageways and everyone was ready for battle. The same thing which happened in Scarport had happened here. Almost overnight all the guild’s soothsayers and mystics had been struck down with madness, too far gone fore even magic to bring them back to health. After speaking with the guild leaders they were at a loss as to what was causing it and the return of Astrazalia (sp needs link) months before it should of appeared. We decided that going to the city to speak with the Eladrin was probably the only way to find out more information although I was not looking forward to it at all.

We managed to gain an audience with Maldran (needs link) who was not very welcoming for me and took several opportunities to make remarks about my historical conduct and honour. He did give us final piece of information we were looking for however when he said that a decree from Baron Keysmaer of House Carthartis (needs link) had locked this plane from all others. The decree read:

put decree in here

After this we had no choice but to journey to Copekti (needs link) and face the Baron, and my past.

As Sasaki and Arc were both members of the Guild of Life (needs link) we both agreed we should


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