Harvest of Deed

Journey to Kopekita

Dragons are not always your friends

Players present: DC, MP, AK, JM

Written from the perspective of Sasaki.

We sat in the Great Hall deep in the tree which houses the Guild of Life (needs link) at the head table. As adventurers of note we were moving up in the world. Alongside us at the head table when Chem (needs link) who I had once met before a long, long time ago. During that time his youthful exuberance had made way for the weight of heavy responsibility and the war with the Gnolls to the south had taken its toll on his body.In particular his right side was hunched in a awkward position as if his back had taken a heavy hammer blow and his bones had not set quite right. We spoke about Kopekita and what we could do once we arrived, in my mind the path was clear the Baron had to stopped and the planear lock removed.

After saying our goodbyes Ylaana (needs link) with Arc’s (needs link) assistance summoned using a ritual a flock of large spectral eagles which we could use to ride West to the City State of Kopekita (needs link). With the help of the eagles we could probably make it in two days.

Whilst we were flying high over Arden (needs link) we coudl see the web like structure of the Gloomweb (needs link) and the territory that the Drow had taken from the Ardenites. After half a days flight we needed to land to re-cast the ritual and finish our journey.

We had Kopekita (needs link) in sight on day two of our flight when Ylaana (needs link) noticed that we were being shadowed from above by a very large shadow dragon. Not knowing it’s intent we decided to land to talk with it having heard that the dragon in Kopekita were more intelligent than elsewhere and would talk with other creatures.

We landed in a clearing below and readied ourselves in-case the dragon attacked. The dragon had disappeared from the sky and had formed itself out of the shows of trees and bushes at the edge of the clearing. It was larger on the ground that it seemed in the sky. A low voices rumbled in our mind and in draconic it spoke:

“My name is Urishar (needs link). I am the Guardian of the Walled City. The gates are locked and no-one may enter”

Ylaana (needs link) who could speak draconic spoke to Urishtar (needs link) and found out that the Baron had closed the borders and no-one was allowed entry without his express permission. We could pertition the Baron by sending a message from any of the gate in the great wall which protects Kopekita from outsiders. We agreed that we would not try and enter the city without permission and Urishtar (needs link) flew into the distance.

We decided that it was probably best that we didn’t try to enter the city using the Eagles without first checking out the Gates and seeing if we could perhaps bluff our way past.

A short flight later and we land just outside the Great Wall . The wall itself is very high but not as high as the wall of Fortress (needs link) we can see guards patrolling behind the crenalations and some more at the gate house ahead of us.

Ylaana (needs link) decided to sneak closer to the gate house and used a ritual to gain knowledge about any rumors or happenings inside the City State. Here is what she learnt.

-The Baron has recently acquired 100’s of troops which he has called “The Warriors” who are being used for some unkown purpose.

-There has recently been talk of a secret passage which leads underneath the Great Wall which people have used to bypass the guards.

Ylaana (needs link) then noticed that the three guards at the gate house looked strange. For one they were Human and not Eladrin and they were holding themselves in a strange way. Their body language was almost animal like. Ylanna (needs link) used her considerable arcane power to determine that they were in fact Rakasha’s (sp) using an illusionsary disguise. Rakasha’s are notoriously evil and use subterfuge and cunning to infiltrate a city or town and gain control of it.Were these the “Warriors” that the Baron is using? What were they doing here? It certainly prompted a lot of questions. Ylaana (needs link) thought it would be best to ask Urishtar (needs link) if he knew about the Rakasha’s and if he didn’t he might allow us access to the city to investigate.

Ylaana (needs link) used her spectral eagle to fly up to the wall away from the nearest guard tower and lure out Urishtar (needs link) it seemed he had been following us as as soon as Ylaana approach the wall he revealed himself. It turned out that he did know about the Rakasha’s but he was loyal the Baron and would not let us enter Kopekita.

Wanting to avoid an fight wit the gate guards and the dragon we decided the best course of action was to find the underground tunnel Ylaana had learned out. We all split up and used tracking, animal speech rituals and nature knowledge to find out where the tunnel enterance might be. Eventually a fox told us the enterance was by the bridge over a nearby river to the North. We travelled in the forest keeping us conceled from the wall guard until we came across the river and the enterance to the tunnel.

As soon as we had the tunnel in sight we heard the same low voice in our minds:

“The gates are locked and no-one may enter. I am the army of three and you will die!”

Urishtar (needs link) revealed himself across the river. In his full form he was a 40 foot high dragon made of smoke and shadow. We could feel his necrotic presence from where we were standing. The ground shook and at once three smaller shadow dragons crawled their way out of the ground. We readied our weapons as they attacked.

The fight was long but with the help of Furieon (needs link) and his sword expertise we managed to slay Urishtar (needs link) which made the remaining single smaller shadow dragon disappear.
He gave us a final warning as he dissipated into column of smoke.


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