One of The Great Kingdoms, Mauritania is currently ruled by King Molfred .

A temperate land with scattered mountain ranges and forests.

Old beyond a hundred years it is said, Molfred is a wise and strong King beloved by his people. At least that’s what the bards say. Given the increasing power of The Guilds and Molfred’s increasing decline towards paranoia and senility it would appear the balance of power will shift very soon. Molfred’s line will continue through one of his three sons, all of which are unsuited to the job.

Prince Toby

A fop and a dullard, it is said Toby would wear a Crown backwards for the first day then lose it in a wine barrel. While he has a few supporters in the court (mostly his friends and their fathers) Molfred would rather abdicate to any number of Counts or Barons than let Toby get hold of the Kingdom.

Prince Howard

While on face value the first choice for King, Howard has made more than one advance to Bethany, the daughter of The King of Alden, Baris. Molfred has fought Baris on the field of battle many times and knows the Kingdom would last 5 minutes before Howard started gifting bits of it off to his future father-in-law.

Prince Sebastian

The last born of the Kings three sons, Sebastian is the blackest sheep of the family. Even as a child Sebastian was surrounded with rumours of aberrant behaviour and tastes that ran to the vile. Molfred is convinced Sebastian has ended the life of more than one citizen in the past and assumes it will be many more in the future.

All three of the Princes have supporters in the Court working to make sure ‘their’ Prince gains power once Molfred passes away. While the King is keeping the country together with the assistance of the Guilds at the moment, he is burning through Deed like a forest fire. His health is failing almost daily and he’s sent heroes out on strange or pointless missions due to senility. Most agree this will be his last Grand Tourney, and are preparing for Mauritania to explode on news of the Kings Death.


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